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Authentic Old West Re-Enactors

Gunfighters for Hire (GFH) is a registered non-profit organization ( 501(c)(4) ), comprised of local desert residents performing as old west re-enactors.  Click Here for Non-Profit Page Info.

GFH was organized in 1999 and is currently comprised of approximately 30 gunfighters, consisting of men, women, and children (related to a regular member). (Please note that any child member under the age of 18 cannot handle or fire a weapon.) GFH has officers and a governing board. Many of the gunfighters are retired law enforcement officers.

Donations are accepted and used solely for the purchase of primers, powder, props and for contributing to charitable organizations. All gunfighters donate their time to each performance. From time to time, GFH is asked to participate in the making of a movie. For these events, gunfighters are paid on the basis of their performance and a donation is usually made to GFH to recover costs. All firearms and clothing worn by members of GFH are paid by each member. Clothing must adhere to the standards of GFH be of a design of the late 1800's, ie. no zippers, no watches worn, no modern glasses/sunglasses worn.

GFH is located in the Yucca Valley area of San Bernardino County in Southern California, approximately 20 miles north of Palm Springs, California.

GFH's primary objective is to promote gun safety while performing western skits in authentic period firearms and clothing of the 1860's to 1900. GFH attempts to provide donations to other non-profit groups. In the past GFH has contributed to Ronald McDonald Charities, Angel View Charities, Wounded Warrior Project, American Cancer Society and the Happy Trails Children Foundation, to name a few.

During the shows, actual .44 cal handguns, .45 cal handguns, 12g shotguns, and 16g shotguns are used. Safety to the audience and gunfighters are maintained at all times. Safety officers conduct firearm inspections at the location. Live ammunition, those with a projectile, is prohibited on location. Only blanks containing black powder are used. All blanks are loaded by members of GFH. When a firearm is discharged, it is done so in a direction away from the audience and at an oblique angle away from a member of GFH so as to give the impression that a gunfighter is shot. Again, safety is a primary concern.

Pioneertown, California, is located on Pioneertown Road, approximately 4-1/2 miles north of Hwy 62 from Yucca Valley. It is the primary location of performances for GFH on Sundays of each month from April through October. GFH previously performed at Oak Tree Village in Oak Glen, California, performing every Saturday and Sunday from July through November. GFH does perform for various organizations and events in Southern California. Locations have included Tombstone - Arizona, Calico Ghost Town - California, & Lone Pine - California.

GFH is a member of the National Registry of Living Historians, the National Rifle Association, and the California Rifle and Pistol Association. Many of the gunfighters maintain membership in the National Congress of Old West Shootists, and the Single Action Shooting Society.

Additionally, the group maintains membership in the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Governing Board

Dave Baird, aka: Dirty Dave Skoalfield, President

Dave McCormick, aka: Briscoe Friday

Johnny Mills, aka: Johnny Widowmaker

Warren Horton, A.S. Journalism, aka: Bushwacker


President: Dave Baird, aka Dirty Dave Skoalfield

Secretary: Dee Baird, aka Miss Dee

Safety Officer: Harry Hyde, aka Colorado Kid

Sound Technician: Warren Horton, A.A. Journalism, aka Bushwacker

Publicity and Bookings: Johnny Mills, aka Johnny Widowmaker, john [at] gunfightersforhire [dot] com

Media Officer: Warren Horton, A.A. Journalism, aka: Bushwacker

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