Application Pre-requisite

Before completing and submitting your application, here is some general information.

Membership to Gunfighters for Hire (GFH) has a membership fee of $50.00 for an individual or $60.00 per family payable by check to 'Gunfighters for Hire'. A background check is performed on all applicants and your membership is dependent on the results of that background check. Firearms must be approved by the safety officer and of a type consistent with the period of time of 1860's to 1900. Clothing must also be of a type consistent with the period of 1860's to 1900. Final approval to be made by the administrative officer or president of 'GFH'. At present, we are a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization and NOT eligible for tax-deductions on your personal income taxes or donations. We hope to complete an application to IRS for 501(c)(3) in the near future. Occasionally, 'GFH' may be involved in movie productions. Those that participate may be paid on a per-diem basis by the production unit. All clothing, firearms, and other equipment that you use in any performances conducted by 'GFH' are your sole responsibility to purchase and maintain.

Members MUST comply with open-carry laws of California and shall not engage in activities that are unsanctioned by GFH, are unknown to the president of GFH, or conflict with GFH policy.

Authentic Old West Re-Enactors

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