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If you have a child age 13 and under, and want to have the Gunfighters wish them a happy birthday, then contact us and we will make every effort to acknowledge their birthday during a show. Due to time restrictions, we can only acknowledge 3 birthdays per show.

If you would like a wanted poster with your child's picture, please contact us and provide the child's details and photo, ie. name, age, and city of residence. Due to cost restraints, we would need to ask for a $10 donation in advance, cash or check payable to Gunfighters for Hire. At least a 5 day prior notice is needed to print the wanted poster for your child. We will contact you and advise where to email the picture, preferably against a plain background that is not the same color as clothing and hair.

PLEASE NOTE: Donations made are NOT tax deductible !

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