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Authentic Old West Re-Enactors

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Gunfighters for Hire is proud that it can provide the non-profit information so that you can be guaranteed that when you donate your tips, that our organization has been recognized as a valid 501(c)(4) organization with both the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board of California.  Your donations help us help other needy organizations.  Donations made to Gunfighters for Hire are NOT tax deductible.  We hope to change our status in the near future to 501(c)(3) which will make any donation tax deductible.

Internal Revenue Service

IRS Form 990N filed

DBA:  Gunfighters for Hire

EIN:  33-0883320

Submission ID:  7800582015073dg41274

Franchise Tax Board

State Form 199N Filed

DBA:  Gunfighters for Hire

FEIN:  330883320

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