In our performances, we use real firearms, shooting blanks. Those firearms may be .45 cal long-Colt revolvers, .44 cal revolvers, 12g and 16g shotguns. Safety is a crucial part of acting for Gunfighters for Hire. We adhere to strict gun safety rules. Many of our gunfighters are retired law enforcement officers. We will always make sure that our guests are priority in protecting their safety. If you should see something that you feel may be a safety issue please contact any one of our staff for prompt attention. Handling of any firearm or ammunition during a performance can only be done by a member of Gunfighters for Hire, NO EXCEPTIONS!


All gunfighters want to stress to all kids that firearms are NOT toys. For example, if you see a gun laying on the ground, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Contact an adult or police officer immediately and tell them where the gun is located. If you know that another kid is carrying a gun, loaded or not, contact an adult, teacher, a parent, or policeman and let them know who has a gun. NEVER attempt to take a gun away from someone, let the proper authorities do that.

Authentic Old West Re-Enactors

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If you have a question to ask our safety officer, or a safety concern, please use the form below.